A Guide to Grenada Citizenship Benefits

This guide will detail the latest benefits of Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment program. For US$150k you could obtain a rapid passport for the island nation.

Grenada is a beautiful island located in the southern part of the Caribbean Sea and quite close to the Grenadine island chain. Grenada features prominently in people’s memories due to the U.S. military intervention in the late 1980s. Following this event, the island achieved significant stability and has now positioned itself as a key offshore center offering a range of citizenship by investment programs. Subsequently, let’s dig in and take a look at the Grenada Citizenship Benefits.

Grenada Citizenship Benefits
Grenada Offers an Easy and Obtainable Citizenship by Investment Program

What Is Grenada’s CBI program?

Grenada launched its Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program in 2013 to much interest from the wider offshore world. The program was specifically designed to offer speedy citizenship, and a second passport, to global citizens who are prepared to either invest in the economy of Grenada or make a straight donation to the government.

Subsequently, there was quite a lot of initial interest given the geographic location of Grenada as well as the ease and speed that the nation was able to accept new investors as citizens. Subsequently, many individuals have availed themselves of the service and now travel under their new Grenada passports.

What Are the Main Grenada Citizenship Benefits

Grenada CBI Approvals are Easy
Approvals of Citizenship are Quick and Easy

Firstly, it should be stated that the general benefits you can expect to receive depend almost entirely on your current citizenship and tax residency status. The reality is that if you are a U.S. citizen and your entire reason for applying for the CBI program is to cheat on your taxes then you might be sorely disappointed.

Tax residency is a complex subject and the only way you are likely to see significant benefits is by expatriating from the U.S.

  • Grenada allows full dual citizenship and applies no restriction to holding passports from other nations.
  • For an additional fee, your spouse and broader family can be included in the application and receive citizenship.
  • Grenada maintains no residency requirements which means you have no obligation to live on the island or visit annually.
  • Grenada is a stable country and has maintained democracy for many decades and retains a strong rule of law.
  • The Grenada Passport is incredibly strong and even provides visa-free access to countries like China and the Schengen Zone.
  • There is both a straight donation as well as a real estate investment option available for CBI applicants.
  • Zero Global Taxation (more on this later in this article)

Additionally, Grenada is also a signatory to the U.S. E-2 Treaty which means that you can avail yourself of a permanent E-2 investor visa. The visa is effectively renewable in perpetuity and applies equally whether you obtained your citizenship via the donation or real estate route.

What Does the Grenada CBI Program Cost?

The program certainly isn’t cheap but considering you are receiving rapid citizenship, without a residency component, then I consider it quite reasonable. As mentioned, there is both a Real Estate Investment and a straight Donation pathway to citizenship. The costs you can expect to pay are covered in the below table:

 Donation PathwayReal Estate InvestmentDonation Pathway (Family Application)
Investment Amount$150,000$350,000$200,000
Government FeeN/A$50,000N/A
Application Fee$1,500$1,500$1,500
Cost of Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program

Please note that these figures are all based on US Dollars and that the family application pathway includes up to 3 extra applicants (Spouse/Dependents).

As you can see, the donation pathway is heavily encouraged given the lack of a government fee attached to the application. It should also be noted that any real estate investment brings with it the need to maintain that investment for at least 5-years post application. So, you can’t simply sell it after receiving your passports.

Grenada CBI Cost is $150k
Prices for Citizenship Start at $150K USD

What is the Application Process and Grenada Citizenship Benefits?

Thankfully, applying for the CBI program is a relatively simple process and simply requires working with an authorized local agent who will prepare your application, and the medical clearance, and forward it to the Government of Grenada for processing.

At this stage, the authorities will undertake background screening of the applicants that includes the sharing of information with the Caribbean community countries as well. Assuming no adverse information comes back, you will be then advised to advance your donation or real estate investment and then citizenship will be granted to you.

How Long Does the Process Take?

This very much depends on whether you have any issues within your background or come from a country where meaningful checks cannot be made. If you are from one of the major western nations, Australia, the USA, the UK, Canada, or the EU you can expect the process to be relatively quick.

In most cases I have seen, you can expect to receive citizenship within 2-3 months on average. This is probably around the quickest grant of a passport there currently is around the world.

Global Tax Implications and Benefits of Grenada Citizenship

no global taxation in Grenada
Grenada Does Not Tax Global Income

This is really where the Grenada Citizenship by Investment program shines for most entrepreneurs and those looking to internalize their lives. Grenada levies no taxation on global income and only taxes residents on the basis of income derived within the island nation.

Subsequently, any business income received from work online or from a company based offshore will not be subject to taxation. This is very attractive to location independent entrepreneurs who chose to become tax residents of Grenada.

Along with Puerto Rico, Grenada has become a key location for Americans looking to renounce their citizenship whilst maintaining business operations either online or through global companies.

Would I Apply Given the Benefits of Grenada Citizenship ?

The answer is probably yes. The Caribbean programs have become tougher recently, and I can certainly see international pressure mounting on nations to stop their CBI programs. Although Grenada may not be a place you choose to reside full-time it is certainly a great back pocket passport that you can use to great effect for both travel and tax purposes.

Ultimately, whether the Grenada CBI program is a good match for you is a matter of your personal circumstances and your current tax burden. I’m happy to talk through your requirements and advise you whether it may be a good fit for you in the long run. Simply use the contact form to send our team a message.

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