It's Time to Take Back Your Personal Freedom

The world as you know it has changed and you need to prepare for the troubles ahead. Myself, and my team have helped people to develop their 'OFFSHORE PLAN B' and move their businesses offshore, legally reduce taxes, become expatriates, and invest in their financial future and freedom. 

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Take Back Your Personal Sovereignty and Freedom with a Customized Plan B

It’s likely that you have seen the West’s fall from grace over the past decade with the constant eroding of personal liberties, increasing taxation, and regulatory over-reach having a direct impact on your quality of life. Rest assured, you are not alone in witnessing these changes and many are now taking action to reclaim their personal freedoms through an international diversification strategy.


You might have even spoken with an accountant or attorney and found out, what I already know, that most of them have no idea about financial freedom and putting together an offshore backup plan. You need to understand that these professionals are part of the system that continues to see you as a tax paying cash cow.


I’ve been where you are right now. Slaving away simply to be seen as a major tax contributor whilst also being vilified for being successful. I had to do my own extensive research to exit the system and place myself back in control of my life.


Sure, I made mistakes along the way…but if I had the sort of holistic planning help that I’m able to provide you I would have achieved my desire results much quicker and without the costly mistakes.

Every day you delay acting to internationally diversify yourself is another day of increasing taxes, falling personal freedoms, and social scorn for being successful.


You deserve better than that in your life and I can help you achieve it by giving you a customized “Offshore Plan B”.

Steven James

The Roving Entrepreneur

How the Roving Entrepreneur Team Can Help You

Our multi-disciplinary team can work with you to assess your personal and business needs and develop an action plan that you can use to internationally diversify yourself. We can advise you on the exact steps you need to take to legally extricate yourself from the West.


Our exclusive Offshore Plan 'B' service can provide you with a comprehensive report with specific advice on the following areas:


International Tax Planning, BEPS, Merchant Accounts, Offshore Banking, Asset Protection, and Tax Residency. 


Fitting a Global Lifestyle to your needs. Flag theory. Tax efficient housing options. Nomadic lifestyles.


Access alternative investments. Non-correlated returns. Private placements and funds.


Second Citizenships, Alternative Residencies, Citizenship by Investment, Golden Visa's.

Why You Need a Backup Plan

Increasing Risk


COVID has changed the game forever. Never before have global governments coordinated their attack on everything from tax to climate change.


Increased regulation, legal risk, tax changes, and the reduction of freedom of speech are factors every entrepreneur is facing in the coming years.

Legal Tax Minimization


Taxes are definitely on the rise as governments look to claw back their bad spending decisions over the past few years.


The time is now to lock in your tax effective structures and tax residency before it becomes increasingly difficult to leave and bring your assets with you. 

A New Global Financial Crisis


As an economist, I can tell you that the risks of stagflation are increasing whilst traditional markets are massively over-leveraged.


The next downturn will make the bank failures of the early 2000's look like a walk in the park. Only the internationally diversified will prosper in 2023.

Here's Everything You Get

Phone Consultation

I will go in-depth with you to understand your personal, business, tax, and lifestyle needs which will help us design a personalized plan.

Personal Research

My team will personally research your legal, tax, and potential residency options to determine what fits your needs as highlighted in our call.

Strategic Plan 'B'

I will develop a customized plan based on our consultation and research that provides actionable recommendations and a blueprint.


If you choose to move ahead on executing your plan you can engage us to implement everything we have discussed.

Global Network

You will have access to our global network of approved providers. This is an exclusive club of contacts that you would never find elsewhere.

Free Trusteeship

If Asset Protection is your goal, have us act as your offshore trustee for 12-months at no cost. Trusted, secure, private trustee services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does an Offshore Plan 'B' Cost?

It's a heck of a lot less than continuing to pay taxes and placing all of your eggs in one basket! You can view our pricing on our order page simply click the get started button.

What Payment Types Do You Accept?

We accept most major credit cards, bank transfers, and also crypto-currency payments (Please message us for details)

What is Your Experience?

I have years of experience as an economist, board member, trustee, and C Suite member of a public company. In short, I was the typical corporate entrepreneur for many years. However, my experience in developing offshore structures and companies, second residencies, and tax minimisation is where I shine. We also have a team of multi-disciplinary subject matter experts and a global network of exclusive providers that we work with. 

How Many Clients Have You Helped?

The answer is lots and lots. Privacy is something that we take VERY seriously here but rest assured this is not our first rodeo in the offshore world. We have worked tirelessly for clients from every wealth segment from small all the way up to large (and well known) entrepreneurs.

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