What is the Crime Rate in Monaco

If you are thinking of moving, or visiting, Monaco. One of your first questions might be in regards to safety. Let’s take a look at the crime rate and what you can do to avoid it.

If you are considering relocating to Monaco, for its tax and lifestyle advantages, one of the key questions you might have is whether the principality is safe. Subsequently, let’s dig in and take a look at what the Crime Rate in Monaco is and whether it poses a potential threat to your new life.

Crime Rate in Monaco
The Principality of Monaco is Very Safe

The Actual Crime Rate in Monaco

Turning to the actual crime statistics, Monaco ranks as one of the lowest in the world for the overall crime level with a ranking of 22.95. However, like many western nations, this has been on the increase over the pandemic and has risen from 17.95 a few years back.

Regardless, this is still an incredibly low level of crime, especially, when you consider the actual crimes being committed which we will get into next.

What Types of Crime is Prevalent in Monaco

monaco corruption and bribery
Drugs and Corruption are Monaco’s Biggest Crime

Firstly, I wouldn’t say any crime is particularly prevalent in the principality and the nation is generally highly safe to walk around in. Probably the biggest offences you will see is that of drug use. Like many nations, drugs are widely available in Monaco and are not just consumed in the back alleys but also in high-end hotels.

The principality takes a strong negative view of drug use and policies it accordingly which accounts for why the criminal offence is more highly represented in these figures.

The next most common criminal offence is that of corruption and bribery which, I guess, doesn’t surprise me! Given the principalities role as a key tax-free jurisdiction, and its location close to France, I can see that corporate corruption could be a real issue. There are a significant number of companies registered in the principality that are undertaking all types of business which may explain the higher level of corruption.

Finally, the other major crime is that of home break-ins and burglaries with an index value of 24.66. Given the wealthy nature of Monaco, it’s no surprise that people would wish to come here from France to commit break-ins.

Fortunately, home break-ins are still at a relatively low levels and the installation of an appropriate home security system will solve almost all of your issues.

Is It Safe to Walk Around Monaco?

Yes! The principality is probably one of the safest places in the world to walk around of a nighttime. Trust me on this…I’ve been to many places around the world where it is absolutely not safe at night. Monaco isn’t like that, and the local police take their duties very seriously, especially, given the high net-worth individuals living there.

Subsequently, I have absolutely no issue waling around the city at any time of day or night. Your risk of being robbed or assaulted is so ridiculously low it doesn’t even bear addressing.

Something to Be Aware Of – Crime Rate in Monaco

crime in monaco is limited
You Should Always Respect the Local Customs and Laws

Probably your biggest crime risk whilst in the Principality of Monaco is falling afoul of the local laws and actually committing a crime yourself. Funnily enough, this is not unusual with tourist and new expats where they may not be away of the local customs or laws.

In particular, you should be aware that you ‘almost’ are unable to park anywhere within the Monte Carlo district. If you think you have found a lucky carpark somewhere you are likely to find out that it is illegal to leave your car there.

Illegal parking happens to many tourists, and you may return to find your vehicle has been towed and you now face a significant fine and a lengthy process to get it back.

Additionally, do not be tempted to use drugs or avail yourself of any prostitution services during your stay in Monaco. In particular, prostitution solicitation is illegal and both your and the girl will quickly find yourself in hot water if caught.

Do yourself a favor and make sure you are aware of some of the local laws before you travel and maintain an air of dignity whilst in the principality.

Final Words

Monaco is an incredible place to visit, or reside in, and truly is the playground of the rich and famous. Enjoy yourself at all times of day or night and feel secure in the knowledge the person-to-person crime is very rare within the principality.

However, as I would suggest anywhere in the world, you still need to exercise some personal security whilst travelling. This means not trusting people up-front, not leaving bags unattended, and not flashing wealth unnecessarily.  These tips are just as equally valid in Monaco as they are travelling in the Middle East and will, largely, keep you out of trouble wherever you go.

Finally, whilst enjoying your stay, make sure you do not ruin it by breaking any local laws or customs. Every country is different, and you should do your best to understand and not offend anyone. You should also realize that Monaco has a large, per capita, police force who take crime and acts of anti-social behavior seriously. They are not mucking around and if you run across them, you would be best to be polite, respectful, and follow instructions promptly.

Ultimately, Monaco is a safe haven from most crime and, compared to the west, you will find it a veritable treat to not have to watch your back whilst out at night.

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