You Can’t Hide Money Meaning

If someone has ever uttered “You Can’t Hide Money’ to you then you should be immediately suspicious. Their jealousy could spur them to damage you financially.

If you are like me, you probably go out of your way to never demonstrate your wealth around other people. Especially in the offshore world, privacy is a real concern, and you should always strive to never highlight what you might own. However, occasionally it is difficult to hide after a new purchase and you might even encounter the odd snide comment. Subsequently, let’s dig into the You Can’t Hide Money Meaning.

You Can’t Hide Money Meaning

You Can't Hide Money Meaning
Telling Someone ‘You Can’t Hide Money’ is incredibly Rude

You might have heard this term at some stage and wondered exactly what it means. I’ll give it to you straight…it’s not a complement and is potentially a jealous dig at your wealth and success.

It effectively means “Must be Nice” in a passive aggressive way and is normally said by a less successful individual.

Who Normally Makes Quips About Money?

The smart individual, upon encountering a successful person, will ask what business they are in and how they amassed their wealth. Looking for tips and insight into developing a successful business. In fact, most business owners love to talk about the factors that went into their success story.

Unfortunately, negative comments like “You Can’t Hide Money” are normally made by unsuccessful people who are either wage only workers or who have failed heavily in business. The comments are made from a place of jealousness and can actually be quite spiteful especially when you are not in the room.

Should I Care? – You Can’t Hide Money Meaning

jealousy can lead to damage
If Someone Demonstrates Jealousy Be Concerned About What They Know

Yes and no because it very much depends on who made the comment to you in the first place. If it is a random person who holds no power over your life, then I would simply laugh, agree, and move on. However, if it is a close family member or friend then you might have bigger problems to deal with.

Unfortunately, jealousy has led to everything from theft to murder and a hell of a lot in-between. When someone inside your inner circle makes jealous comments, you should be concerned due to the risk of them causing trouble.

You would probably be amazed at the amount of trouble I have personally witnessed when jealousy rears its ugly head inside your inner circle. I have seen tax complaints made, theft from bank accounts, and even blackmail over the years.

Unfortunately, the truth is that people will do anything for money which is why you should take jealousy seriously if that person is positioned to damage you.

What Actions Should I Take?

If there is significant jealousy developing, and the person is a friend, I would normally counsel you to sever the relationship. Over the years, I have never seen a relationship work out when the friend is not truly happy for your financial success. Normally, the feelings of jealousy develop into hatred and then a falling out is never far behind.

In the case of family members, this is certainly more tricky because you often are not positioned to completely cut ties with them. What I would say is that you need to sit down with your immediate family and impress upon them that no personal information should be shared with the individual.

Ultimately, the goal is to cut them off from anything that might be damaging to you in the long run. Even family members can, and will, cause you all sorts of problems and damage if jealousy rises to a certain level.

The Final Point – Asset Protection

asset protection stops jealousy
Start Using an Asset Protection Vehicle to Increase Privacy and Safety

Hopefully you are now aware of the sort of trouble that jealousy around your success can cause. The next step is to realize that your best option is to place most of your assets into an Asset Protection vehicle such that any future potential risks (from business or jealous litigants) never jeopardizes your wealth.

It’s very easy, in this day and age, to setup an offshore asset protection trust and to slowly move your major assets away form your personal ownership. This way, even if someone makes serious complaints against you there are no personal assets to ever attach to a lawsuit. Additionally, it provides an excellent privacy shield from prying eyes.

Ultimately, jealousy and snippy comments can largely be ignored but I hope this article has given you a little pause before assuming that no one is really out to get you. The reality is that you will ABSOLUTELY face damaging comments and actions if you are ever public about your wealth.

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